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Logistics in Transformational decade

  • In past few years there are ample change modes in logistics world. The exponential rise of e-commerce is substantially take the space on traditional procedures. New methods of transportation has been invent for catering the customer needs. From cloud computing to collaborative robotics, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and the internet of things wave after wave create change and transform world of logistics. Life after pandemic is like dwarfs the consumer market because of e-commerce. Key digital moves to scale and adopt new technology will ultimately determine industry leadership positions in the future.
This is why Pakistan Cargo Services group research unit always keep an eye on latest trends to stay close by customers. The early adopters of e-commerce are successful to retain their market share and become the market leader. Strategic intent of the leadership is very necessary to keep the office trend setter. Tech giants Facebook, apple, Google, Microsoft offerings based on free access and limitless volumes of information, which turn their users in into loyal ones and change their lifestyle with the help of technology. We adhere the philosophies on continuous improvement which Pakistan cargo is remain the market leader. Technology is reshaping the structure in which we consume physical goods and digital services. It increases the annual sales by 20%.
The wide choice of products and prices make industry competitive in which consume have a lot of choices according to their taste. In a single day Alibaba in 2019 make over more than $40 billion which is epitome of huge success. As number of users are growing per ‘Anum companies are making effort to maximize their operations management by vertical integrated expansion to reduce bottle necks. Hassle free services are becoming easier to adaptation of services. Barriers are falling that are prevalent to online servicing. Away from the interface between companies and the consumers technology also disrupting the business of logistics. Around $30billion injects in the world of logistics and around 3000 startups working new product development services business models in the logistics space.
There are three kinds of advancements of logistics world to deliver the best.
Big data advance analytics
Data is one of the most valuable commodity. Behalf on which we predict analyze and make contacts for prospects evaluation. On the bases of existing databases we make shipments book orders make predictions for upcoming projects and find new avenues to generate profits. It also helps us to resolve operational issues for long term projects.
Artificial Intelligence AI
Consumer focused innovation surpasses the advance analytics like voice activated virtual assistance. Artificial intelligence continuously making life easy for service providers especially in the world of cargo who are working 24/7. World is becoming a global village and we need to adopt AI for automation of our operations. Autoreply’s and semi auto order booking are one of the best examples of AI. It reduces the bottle necks and time as well. Robotic process automation is RPA embracing the workflow of logistics industry. Today niche players doing their lever best to retain the client by their excellent interface. Self-driving vehicles are giving everlasting impact to logistics industry. There is ample room of improvement procurement for safety of manpower. For many technologies their time still to come.
Volatility create challenges and opportunities for logistics
In this global village there are some emerging economies consume more then what they produce and need secure operating procedures for their for their critical supply chains.  North America, the European area and Union gives huge uncertainty to supply chain between Britain and mainland of Europe, simultaneously the escalating trade war between the China and US increase tariffs by 20-30%. With geopolitical situation companies review their policies to reduce cost time and revamp operations facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic gives unprecedented challenges to logistics industry. All of the strategy need to be built again to cumbersome the situation. Contact less operations with fumigation of cargo items are increased the cost. But on the other side it was the opportunity to improve its way of doing business.

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