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Federal budget highlights 2023-2024

  • No increase in duties on import of essential items
  • Minimum wage proposed at Rs32,000; wages of government employees from Grades 1-16 and Grades 17-22 to be increased by 35pc and 30pc, respectively
  • No new taxes for the upcoming year
  • Exemption of customs duties on import of seeds for sowing to promote growth in the agricultural sector
  • Withdrawal of capping of the fixed duties and taxes on the import of old and used vehicles of Asian Makes above 1300cc
  • Services provided by restaurants including cafes, food (including ice cream), parlours, coffee houses, coffee shops, deras, food huts, eateries, resorts and similar cooked, prepared or ready-to-eat food service outlets etc., are proposed to be taxed at 5pc if payment is made through debit or credit cards, mobile wallets or QR scanning
  • Grant of exemption of sales tax on contraceptives and accessories
  • Increase in withholding tax rate from 1pc to 5pc on payment to non-residents through debit/credit or prepaid cards
  • Exemption of customs duties on import of shrimps/prawns/juvenile for breeding in commercial fish farms and hatcheries
  • Rs1 billion allocated for health insurance of working journalists




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